Redesign in Fusion 360

Working on modeling and design again today! Re-doing my models and learning a new CAD program called Fusion 360.

I really wanted to be able to demonstrate a CAD package in my videos that is actually accessible to others. Solidworks costs a lot of money (~$6,000) whereas Fusion 360 is only $30 per month and runs on Mac as well as Windows.

As a bonus I'm finding that I actually like modeling in Fusion better, it feels much more tactile than Solidworks. The learning curve is still there and it's a relatively new piece of software so there are still some bugs but it seems to work very well. (Just make sure to save fairly often!) They actually have a deal at the moment where you can get Fusion free for a year if you're working on an unlaunched product, so I got access for free!

The package includes integrated 2D and 3D CAM which is a massive bonus!

If you guys are interested in getting into CAD I personally think Fusion is where it's at right now. I've used Solidworks, SketchUp and some AutoCAD in the past but Fusion seems like the best fit overall for my work.

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Photo by Aaron Gough on May 16, 2015.
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