About Me

I design things the way they should be: beautiful, strong, functional and timeless.

The things I make are not designed to simply sit on a shelf and look pretty, they are designed to be admired while you use them. To feel comfortable and look great when you use them. They are made from simple, durable, materials that will withstand a lifetime of everyday use.

I started out making things for myself. If I didn't like the way a pen felt, the way a knife functioned, or the way a guitar amp sounded I would always be tempted to make a version of it that I felt was as close to ideal as possible. After a while these designs started becoming realities, and as soon as other people saw the things I had made they started asking how I made them and if they could have one...

Everything just sort of grew from there.

Today I specialize in designing and making high performance working knives, based out of my workshop in Toronto, Canada.

My logo is my signature because I will never deliver anything that I would not wish to have associated with my name. My signature is on every item I sell because I personally make each one. I am able to stand behind each one because I build things to last, not to maximize profit.

If you would like me to make something for you, or if you have questions, please contact me via email: aaron@goughcustom.com

-Aaron Gough