Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use CNC to make your knives?

Because making them completely by hand does not produce a consistent result, and a high level of consistency is the key to pushing the envelope of performance and producing an ultra-high-quality knife! 

The combination of using CNC for producing the overall shape, combined with hand finishing for that final attention to detail helps me to make the best quality knife I possibly can.

Isn’t CNC easy, just push a button and a knife comes out?

I wish! I have made knives completely by hand, and also using CNC and I can tell you that making knives by hand is actually far easier than making them using CNC!

Using CNC requires that every step and process be meticulously planned and thought out. The knife has to be fully 3D modelled in a CAD program, then all the fixtures have to be designed that will hold the knife at every step of the machining process. Designing the fixtures is an ongoing process as my knowledge grows, to date I have designed and made 3 full generations of fixtures for making the Resolute MkIII.

After the knife parts and fixtures are all designed the fixtures have to be built. This just by itself is a process that can take weeks.

After the fixtures are made the programs for cutting the knife parts have to be made, then altered on an ongoing basis to make sure everything works as well as it can. To date I have made over 468 versions of the program that makes the parts for the Resolute MkIII knife, not even including the process for making the sheath! Each version of the programs include updates to improve consistency of various parts of the knife as well as increasing production efficiency, consistency and quality.

As you can imagine this all adds up to mean that making knives via CNC is anything but simple! The pay-off is that I get incredibly consistent knife parts that can then be turned into incredibly consistent knives through further hand-finishing and assembly processes!

Where do your materials come from?

I am very conscious of where my materials come from and have put a lot of effort and time into finding suppliers that I trust.


My A2 tool steel is made in the USA by Precision Marshall. Their steel is the most consistent and highest quality that I have been able to find!


My G10 is made in the USA and supplied to me by Alpha Knife Supply. They keep very high standards on their G10. It's notable for having no voids and very high overall density, making it extremely tough and strong.

Kydex / Rivets / Webbing

My kydex and rivets made in the USA and supplied to me by The webbing that I use for my custom belt loops is made in the USA by Lowy Enterprises.

What about your tooling and equipment, where is that made?

I strongly believe in supporting my local manufacturing ecosystem, and trying to keep jobs as local as possible. For that reason all my consumable tooling, machinery and so on is sourced from the USA or Canada wherever possible.

Tooling (endmills, drills, toolholders, vises)

All my consumable tooling (like endmills and drills) is made in the USA by Maritool. All of my CNC toolholders are also made by Maritool. My CNC vise was made in the USA by Orange Vise Co.


Wherever possible I also source all my machinery from USA or Canadian suppliers like Fadal, Beaumont Metal Works, Evenheat, C&M Topline, Canbuilt, etc...