Sandblasting cabinet day!

Working on the sandblaster today! I bought a cheap cabinet and then a good siphon gun and lighting system and so on to go inside it.
The cabinet as I bought it was dark blue inside and out, which isn't really conducive to seeing workpieces well! I sanded all the parts before assembling it and then painted it white after assembly... At first I tried to use a paintbrush and roller to paint it, wish I hadn't done that. It has too many nooks and crannies for that to work effectively. Ended up spray painting it with rattle cans for the second coat. Really not the best paint job I've ever done, oh well, live and learn!

The sandblaster will be used in combination with 120 grit aluminum oxide to sandblast the knives in order to prep them for Cerakote.

Photo by Aaron Gough on July 04, 2015.
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